My journey towards health

I’m Jeanne Parks and my passion and respect for real food began over a decade ago when in my early twenties I came face to face with some major health issues.   I was in constant pain and while pharmaceuticals provided a temporary band-aid for the symptoms they were not a permanent solution for the problem.  I decided there had to be more than just surviving each day, so I dove head first to learning more about my ongoing health concerns…

``I believe God created food for the purpose of nourishing our bodies to not just live but to thrive, because He has a purpose for each one of us.``

Testimonial Jeanne Parks
Jeanne Parks
Purposeful Eats Founder

Purposeful Eats

Purposeful Eats was created to encourage and help others who want to improve their quality of life through making wise and healthy food choices.   I believe that people need guidance and support while they learn how to make these types of changes and that it’s a journey no one should have to do on their own. I provide education on a variety of subjects related to health and wellbeing, offer unique services suitable for anyone, and create delicious home-made food for those who want to get straight to the good stuff!


05 September 2018
Marigold Salon | Spa | Marketplace

RESTART Your Health - Daytime Class

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