Weekly Shopping Steals!

Weekly Shopping Steals!

I’m having a lot of fun grocery shopping right now to discover what great sales I can walk away with.   It’s a fun thrill, especially for this time of the year when fresh local produce isn’t available.

My steals again came from Beiler’s Penn Dutch Market.  How much did I spend this week?  $17.98.  I did go in with a shopping list for my cooking classes but not a personal shopping list.   So I grabbed what I consider staple groceries and I’ll develop a menu around what I bought.   My steals this week are organic gala apples at $.79/lb, tumeric root at $4.99/lb, organic compari tomatoes $1.49 and organic zucchini squash at $.69/lb.   What I didn’t buy (because I already have it in my pantry) that was a fantastic deal as organic acorn squash for $.49/lb and organic butternut squash for $.49/lb!  That was really hard to pass up.

Here are a few recipes I plan to make with this week’s grocery steals:

Cheesy Grain Free Garlic Bread – from Holistically Engineered

Rustic Zucchini Tian – from Feasting At Home

Turmeric Tea – from Wellness Mama

Chocolate Avocado Pudding – from The RESTART Cookbook

1 green-tipped banana

1 avocado (mushy to the touch)

1/4 cup cocoa powder/ raw cacao powder

1/4 cup coconut milk (or any milk)

Directions:  Blend all ingredients in a food process/blender until smooth.  (Use milk to make it desired consistency).

Why a green-tipped banana?  For those who want to control blood sugar, green-tipped bananas are less sweet because they are not fully ripe, therefore they won’t spike your blood sugar as much as fully-ripened banana will.  You can learn about this and so much more by participating in my next RESTART Program.

Let me know what you think of this week’s recipes!





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