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I’m Jeanne Givelekian and my passion and respect for real food began over a decade ago when in my early twenties I came face to face with some major health issues.   I was in constant pain and while pharmaceuticals provided a temporary band-aid for the symptoms they were not a permanent solution for the problem.  I decided there had to be more than just surviving each day, so I dove head first to learning more about my ongoing health concerns.

It was there that I began to learn about food and to discover its effects on my body. The first thing I did was take steps to include more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables into my diet.   I advanced my learning about the importance of quality meats and dairy and how important it was to exclude GMO’s, fillers and artificial food products. After I felt I had enough knowledge about what it meant to eat more naturally I developed the skill of making things from scratch.  I shopped the perimeter of the store, finding the best value on local organic foods and started growing my own produce.  As I was living this way and evolving into a “whole foodie” my health kept improving.   A couple years ago, however, another health concern arose with my thyroid. There was no doubt in my mind there had to be food/health correlation. I discovered through a food elimination I had a gluten intolerance and immediately made a lifestyle change for myself and for my family. Today I am thrilled to share that I no longer struggle with the symptoms and problems I had years ago. My food and lifestyle changes have given my body the ability to heal. Not only am I living each day, I am thriving!

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practioner and graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association, Institute of Nutritional Leadership and Vintage Remedies. I am constantly expanding my knowledge of food, its health benefits, preparation and cooking techniques. I am particularly interested in gut health, using food as medicine, micronutrient nutrition, herbalism, aromatherapy and traditional ways of eating such as taught by the Weston A. Price Foundation. I regularly participate in health summits, webinars and anything else from reputable sources that will help feed my passion to know how to fuel and heal these magnificent bodies our Creator gave us.

Purposeful Eats provides support, resources and coaching to those who want to improve their quality of life through making wise and healthy food choices.   I believe that people need guidance and support while they learn how to make these types of changes and that it’s a journey no one should have to do on their own.

I provide education on a variety of subjects related to health and wellbeing and have unique services suitable for anyone.  Maybe you are just beginning to explore the world of whole foods, or a foodie who is looking for new inspiration in the kitchen.  Maybe you’re like me and are someone with health issues as a result of poor eating habits.   No matter who you are I have something for you.  Please see my Programs, Health Coaching and Events pages for more details about what I offer.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Purposeful Eats, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

– Jeanne

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